As the clock hit midnight, an epiphany came to me: I’m 25 years old and I’m enjoying life to the fullest without any worry in the world whatsoever. What now?

You see, I have always been worried by the notion of peaking out at a very young age since I knew beforehand that it would get harder and harder to top each year’s most awesome experiences but hey, as I look at myself in the mirror I only have a few words to say to myself:

“Challenge accepted, you old bastard”.Β  Here’s a recap of the 25 most awesome things I’m glad I did before turning 25. What are some of yours?

My Braveheart experience at the Highlands


My birthday gift: “Raphael, here’s 25 things you’ll be glad you did before turning 25”

1. You’ll be glad of being alive since that’s the greatest gifts of them all. Don’t take life for granted and appreciate the joy of getting stamped.

2. You’ll be glad of the fans, the rock and the fame. But more important is the lives you’ve changed.

3. You’ll be glad of your family and the values they taught you. A man’s not an island and the truth will enchant you.

4.- You’ll be glad of the day you talked your way out of getting arrested by the Mexican Police. Who can forget the cries of Patrice.

5. You’ll be glad of the fact you have seen most of the world. Can you believe that some folks have never left home?

6. You’ll be glad to realize you’ve been with more persons than years. As you get older, better tune up those gears.

7. You’ll be glad of your wittiness even if it is tiring. Now, if you excuse me, I better stop rhyming.

8. You’ll be glad of the time you shouted “freedom” after boarding an airplane

9. You’ll be glad of that selfie you took with someone famous: Yourself

10. You’ll be glad about that night you don’t remember but everyone else will never forget

11. You’ll be glad of the mountains you climbed, of the rivers you crossed, of the lands you explored

12. You’ll be glad of the time that you chose to wear a kilt in public while in Scotland

Sunrise at the Highlands of Scotland

Sunrise at the Highlands of Scotland

13. You’ll be glad of the many dumb mistakes you’ve made on the way

14. You’ll be glad that you were not born rich since that’s how you learned the virtue of hard work

15. You’ll be glad to remember the person you were because you will appreciate the person you’ve become

16. You’ll be glad to have experienced love at least once no matter what happened after

17. You’ll be glad about the time you booked a ticket without looking where the destination was

18. You’ll be glad of the fact that you’re healthy and fit, even if just a little overweight

19. You’ll be glad about the day you decided to embark on your journey of wonders

20. You’ll be glad of the many friends you have met ever since you started this adventure

21. You’ll be glad of the many accomplishments of your newfound career of travel blogging

22. You’ll be glad about the many times people said “no” since the word “yes” means so much to you now.

23. You’ll be glad of the sacrifices you have made because it puts success into perspective

24. You’ll be glad of the haters you have because it’s a proof of the fact that you’ve made it

25. And finally, you’ll be glad of the fact that starting a blog allowed you to know awesome readers like the ones that are reading this letter. Happy birthday to me and I wish you all the best in your upcoming journeys! πŸ™‚

What are some of your top 25 things you’ll glad you did before you turned 25? Share your thoughts and until next time, my dear readers!

Roman Selfie at Wales

Yes, I’m THAT kind of traveler. Love me, hate me, let me be your star πŸ˜‰