The Birdman Cult: Easter Eggs at Easter Island

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you will find an island like no other in the world. Considered as the most isolated place on Earth, Easter Island has some of the most fascinating mysteries in the history of human kind. One of the biggest one is the mystery of the Birdman Cult, a mythology [...]

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Cusco: Inca warriors, cute llamas and altitude sickness

Altitude sickness aside, Cusco is one of my favorite Latin American cities that I have visited. This past year, I started my South American journey in Peru with three main objectives in mind:  Take a charter plane over the Nazca lines, have my picture taken next to at least one cute llama and trek the [...]

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Christ the Redeemer and the day I saw God

Have you ever felt as if somebody was watching you from above? For Cariocas (word used to describe the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) this must be a scary feeling as the giant statue (30 meters!) of Christ the Redeemer watches them from atop Corcovado (hunchback in Portuguese) Mountain every single day. While this [...]

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Iguazu Falls and the most breath-taking border crossing

Nothing can prepare you for the extraordinary marvel of nature that is Iguazú Falls. Located at the triple border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu serves as a nice counterpart for the Niagara Falls located on the north of the American continent. Considered by most to be the crown jewel of nature in South America, [...]

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How to exchange USD in Buenos Aires and more

As I'm writing this, I'm just a few hours away from boarding a plane to New Delhi, India to start a new stage of my life. As I wait in London's hectic Heathrow Airport, I fondly remember the best memories of my time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city where I spent the last five [...]

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