Switzerland: The best Alpine landscapes and money saving tips

Interested in seeing the beauty of the Alps without going bankrupt? Here's my best tips to do so!

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Algarve in the Winter ? Discovering Portugal’s cliffs and beaches

Is it worth to visit Algarve in the Winter? Check out the best hiking trails and photos of this region of Portugal here!

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Winter in Finland: From Northern Lights to Ice Hotels

Winter in Finland is as cold as it is beautiful. Here's some of the best recommendations of things to do and see in Lapland.

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5 Fun Facts about Christmas in Switzerland

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The Bay of Kotor, the Wonder of the Balkans

From the Kotor City Walls to the Bay of Kotor, this small Mediterranean town has many wonders to explore!

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Highlights of the Alpine Jungfrau Region

In the Swiss Alps you will experience the calling of nature. Join me and explore the highlights of my Alpine Life of Wonders!

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Amsterdam Beyond the Red Lights

Amsterdam is more than just the Red Light District. Check out my best PG-13 recommendations for the good old A'dam.

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7 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Interlaken

Have you ever imagined the perfect fairytale setting? Come and visit the place where dreams come true: Interlaken!

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Buda and Pest: The Pearls of the Danube

Budapest is one of the most charming cities in Europe. Here's a free walking guide to the Pearl of the Danube!

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The war against inequality: Berlin LGBT Parade

We're all different. We're all people. We're all the same. An article about travel and the war against inequality.

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The Terrors and Treasures of Transylvania

Beyond the vampires of Transylvania you will find its hidden treasures. Forget your fear and travel now!

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Enjoying Bucharest, the city that never rests

Is Bucharest worth visiting? Here's 12 photos that will make you change your mind about Romania's capital.

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