“I dream of a world where anyone from anywhere is able to travel and see the many wonders that this world has to offer”

Hi, my name is Raphael Alexander and my goal in life is to inspire the people of the world to unleash their full inner potential.

In 2012 I left my old life behind to start a new life of travel and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Would you like to do the same?

Welcome to Journey Wonders and may all your dreams of travel come true!

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-The Best Travel Tips of Wonders-

  • Things to do and see in Sri Lanka

5 Essential Must-Do of Wonders before an International Flight

Traveling soon? Check out these 5 Essential Must-Do before an international flight and make your life way easier my wonder friends!

  • The beauty of the Swiss Alps

7 Money Saving Tips to Travel more this 2017

Want to travel more this 2017? Follow these amazing 7 tips and make travel a reality this year and beyond!

  • Me uploading a travel selfie using the TEP Wireless device

Are Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots worth the money? A honest review of TEP Wireless

Do you hate slow and unreliable Wi-Fi? Here's the best solution to all of your connectivity problems my friends!

-Travel Photography and Destinations-

  • The Man of Wonders blending in at Nepal

First impressions of Nepal, the Heart of the Himalayas

Nepal is a very enigmatic and interesting country located in the heart of the Himalayas. Here's 7 things you didn't know about Nepal yo!

  • The Golden Mount temple in Bangkok

The free Tuk-Tuk scam of Bangkok: How to turn a scam artist into your ally

Interested in knowing how to turn the tables on the the Tuk-Tuk Scam? Here's how to score a Free Tuk-Tuk ride in Bangkok!

  • My two Cuban girlfriends posing for me

7 Cuba Travel Tips of Wonders for First-Timers to the Island

Are you planning to travel to Cuba but keep on getting confused by all the misinformation out there? Here's 7 Cuba Travel Tips to help you out yo!

-Get Inspired and Travel Now-

  • Buddhist statue in one of the many Bali temples

Mental Health Awareness: Should you let depression affect your travels?

Interested in knowing what it's like to travel with depression? Read all about it in this article my and let's help to spread mental health awareness!

  • The Man of Wonders is back!!!

I didn’t die, I just took a break from travel. No, seriously!!!

The Man of Wonders is back and he has a new purpose for 2017. Read all about what's coming for Journey Wonders this year and beyond!!! Enjoy!

  • Inside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Should you let terrorist attacks change your travel plans?

Is irrational fear stronger than logic? Read all about the fear of travel to places targeted by terrorist attacks here.

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