Switzerland: The best Alpine landscapes and money saving tips

Interested in seeing the beauty of the Alps without going bankrupt? Here's my best tips to do so!

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5 Fun Facts about Christmas in Switzerland

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Highlights of the Alpine Jungfrau Region

In the Swiss Alps you will experience the calling of nature. Join me and explore the highlights of my Alpine Life of Wonders!

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7 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Interlaken

Have you ever imagined the perfect fairytale setting? Come and visit the place where dreams come true: Interlaken!

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The Swiss Alps: Mountains, Lakes and Waterfalls

A photo essay of the Swiss Alps and the Lakes of Switzerland, do you need more reasons to visit this natural beauty?

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Ice, Ice, Ready? Europe’s Best Winter Destinations

Announcing the new Journey of Wonders to Europe's Best Winter Destinations. Are you ice, ice, ready?

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